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Vote on the Pavilion

We want to hear what you think!

The Neighborhood Vitality Grant Program, started in 2016, included the construction of a multi-purpose pavilion.  The cost of the pavilion was estimated at $14,600.  The total cost to the HOA would be approximately $3,650 and the remaining balance of $10,950 to be paid by the City of Garland Vitality Grant.

We want to know if you agree to the continuation of the project.

Please let us know by submitting your vote below.

This is the concept rendering of the structure. 

The structure would be erected near the corner of Overlook Lane and Ravine Crossing Dr. 

Construction of the pavilion is due to begin July 2018

Voting ends May 12, 2018

*Only one vote per household

*Voting by proxy not permitted

*Only votes submitted here will be counted

*Individual homes not participating or beyond deadline, will not be counted

*Each vote will be verified for authenticity

Count results will be published on the website and the decision of the Board will be announced within 1 week of the results.

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