Parking Issues in Fall Creek

From:  Jim Waldorf 1502 Mossy Glen   214 533 8820


To:  Fall Creek Board

I have been in contact with the Transportation Department of the City of Garland to discuss resident concerns about parking in our HOA.   The developer (Grand Homes) received a variance to the normal width of streets.  As a result, when two vehicles park parallel to each other on opposite sides of the street, there is a very narrow opening for another vehicle to pass on the street.   While annoying, this only affects the largest of vehicles if people drive carefully.   However, this rises to a public safety issue when a large vehicle, like a fire department ladder truck, must get through.   Parking near the corners creates a safety hazard, since the ladder truck can’t turn.   In fact, response time to a fire in our development was hindered by this very issue.  


I spoke today to our nearby fire department.   They mentioned reporting the parking problem and corner turning issues to the fire marshal on multiple occasions.  This isn’t cosmetic or esthetics, people’s lives and property are at risk.

In seeking a solution, there are essentially two approaches:

                1. Restricting parking in the development to one side of the street

               2. No parking to the corners, where a fire truck must be able to make a turn

In discussion with Sharon Brown, of the Garland Transportation department, option #1 would require a written approval of 80% of the lot owners (72 must agree).   Option #2 would require the Fire Marshall to assess the situation, measure the affected corners, and make recommendations as to the restricted distances (25 feet from the corner is what the local fire department suggested).  These recommendations are then mapped and put into an ordinance by the City Manager, based upon the public safety need.    Once part of the City Code, the Transportation department installs signs (NO PARKING TO CORNER) and marks the curb.  The HOA is charged for the signs and curb painting. 

Once in place, the City of Garland does the parking enforcement.  


Our Next Steps:    Let’s follow #2.   I would like to have two additional volunteers to help me as a committee.   We need to contact the fire marshal, solicit and listen to our HOA lot owners input, and then move forward.